HI-Energy Bircher Muesli

BY Ceres Organics


Ready in 30 minutes | Serves 4

Bircher muesli really isn’t complicated. Make this, it will change your mornings. Yes, seriously!

The great thing about bircher muesli is that you prep it the night before. It takes zero effort really; and in the morning, you’ve got a delicious, full flavoured breakfast ready to eat. If you want to be super organised, you could easily make up enough for a couple of breakfasts.

Even if you’ve done Bircher muesli or overnight oats before, have you ever soaked your grains in juice? It’s seriously good. Trust us on the coconut water too, it keeps this Bircher super light and feeling a little more like summer.


2 cups Organic Bircher Muesli, Original

½ cup Organic Coconut, Desiccated

½ cup Organic Raisins

pinch of Ground Cinnamon 250g

¾ cup apple, grated

2 cups Organic Coconut Water

coconut yoghurt (to serve)

Organic Buckwheat (to serve)

fresh fruit to serve


Place your Bircher muesli, coconut, raisins, cinnamon, apple and coconut water in a large glass jar or glass container and pop it in the fridge overnight to soak. If you don’t have the time, a couple of hours will do.

To serve, spoon your Bircher into bowls and serve with coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit and a bit of buckwheat. Alternatively, pop it in a jar and take it with you.