Quinoa Bircher Muesli

Quinoa Bircher muesli. Soak and walk away! It’s more of a rough guide than a recipe, adapt to which nuts, seeds, dried fruit, you’d like to add – anything will work.

This quinoa Bircher muesli actually doesn’t take that long to prepare, and it’s pretty simple too. This will literally take you fifteen minutes to prepare and then you leave the mixture sitting overnight in the fridge. All the goodness happens while you sleep; and when you wake up, you’ve got a super creamy, delicious breakfast waiting for you! Make a batch to last you all week or enough to feed your family (or flatmates) for a day!

The only thing that actually requires any cooking here is the quinoa. If you’re planning on having quinoa for dinner, cook up extra for your quinoa Bircher muesli.

This delicious quinoa Bircher muesli has loads of seeds and nuts, so you get a dose of healthy fats and protein first thing in the morning to stabilise your sugar levels and keep those cravings under control.



2 cups Organic Coconut, Shredded

5 cups Organic Rolled Oats, Jumbo Wholegrain

1 cup Organic Quinoa, White (cook according to directions and chill for at least 1 hour)

2 cups Organic RAW Whole Almonds (roughly chopped)

½ cup Organic Ground Flaxseed

1 cup Organic RAW Pitted Dates (roughly chopped)

½ cup Organic Chia Seeds

1 cup Organic Raisins


½ cup muesli mix above

½ cup plant based milk

apple or other fruit you feel like adding


Add all ingredients to a very large bowl and mix to combine. Transfer to a large glass air-tight jar.

To make the individual serve, you could make a few up of these at a time… Mix together your muesli mix with the milk, and Let sit for 15 minutes at least before serving. Or soak overnight ideally.